An Exciting Lineup: New 2024 Honda Models Have Arrived in Greenfield

Lundgren Honda of Greenfield has a lot of new 2024 Honda vehicles in stock. The brand was busy making its lineup for the upcoming year. Our customers have been asking us if the new 2024 Hondas are out yet. Our dealership received inventory over the summer. The 2024 Honda CR-V expanded its lineup of hybrid-electric powered Sport-L, which appeals to both sports car enthusiasts and young drivers.

Check Out the Lineup

Other vehicles in the 2024 Honda inventory include the Honda HR-V LX, Honda Accord EX, Honda HR-V, Honda Civic Sport, Honda Accord EX, and Honda Pilot Elite, just to name a few. The most exciting in the 2024 lineup is the Honda Prologue, which is hailed as the best SUV to purchase. It also comes in your choice of four trims that come complete with its own features. Trims include the EX, EX-L, LX, and Touring. The colors for the Prologue are white, silver, gray, and black, and additional colors such as the North Shore Pearl, which is inspired by the beautiful blue shades of Lake Tahoe in California.

Reasons Why It's Smart to Buy New

There are several reasons why you should buy one of the new vehicles in the 2024 Honda lineup. This brand is well-known for its high-quality vehicles that perform well in safety and crash tests. Each of their new models is fuel-efficient, attractive, and long-lasting. You don't have to worry about breakdowns or maintenance. Plus, they're just exciting to drive in Northampton.

Honda established itself as a reputable car brand. They manufacture durable vehicles that are meant to last. Whether you're purchasing it for a long time or want to switch out models every few years, you'll get the most out of your desired vehicle. At Lundgren Honda of Greenfield, we have a large selection of Honda vehicles -- especially with the 2024 lineup. You'll drive home with a well-engineered and managed vehicle that will hold up to the test of time.

Features to Enjoy

These vehicles are safe, powerful, and spacious. You might find that you need the Accord family sedan, so you can carry your pressure cargo around from soccer games to camping trips around Deerfield. This mid-size vehicle receives high praise for its impressive size. It also gets high marks for both safety and spaciousness.

Or, maybe you're someone who's interested in the new Prologue, which is a fun car to drive around with your friends. The new shade is so attractive that you'll want to drive it home. The great thing about the Prologue is that you can use it for short or long business trips near Brattleboro, VT.

No matter which model you choose from the 2024 Honda lineup, you'll get the most bang for your money. Each of these models boasts high praise for performance, features, and capabilities. You'll also get the latest technology and safety features, which you wouldn't get with a used model.

Test Drive Our 2024 Honda Lineup

As you can see, Honda has a lot to offer in its 2024 lineup. You can check out the inventory for yourself on our website. From there, you can check out the information on each of these vehicles. You can also apply for financing if you want to invest in any of these new vehicles.

You'll get approved on the same day. With this quick and easy process, you'll be able to drive a new vehicle home to Keene, NH, on the same day. You can also check out our showroom to see each of these enticing new vehicles in person. Speak with one of our trusted and knowledgeable Honda experts and arrange test drives so you can compare the powerful features between them.

October 3, 2023
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