Discover Your Leasing Options & Why it Might Be Right for You!

There's nothing quite like driving home in a new Honda model, and here at our new Honda model dealership in Greenfield, you'll get to experience the latest models. Deciding on a new Honda Pilot or CR-V near Northampton is an exciting time, and getting one from us means you have a team of experts at your disposal.

Not only is our selection and knowledgeable team worth a trip from Springfield MA, but our new Honda model specials to help you sweeten the process. Should you lease or buy? Read about the benefits to each below.

Leasing vs. Buying

When drivers in Deerfield lease a new Honda model, there are a lot of pros and cons to consider first:

  • Leasing lets you upgrade every few years to a brand-new model, but you may not see a break in payments if you are always leasing.
  • Leasing is offered only on new models, but the payments may be reduced because you're not taking a loan on the entire value of the vehicle.
  • Leasing is a great option for drivers who don't travel a lot or expect much wear and tear. Going over a mileage allotment or return a leased Honda model with excess wear and tear will incur fees.
  • Leasing may not require a down payment; however, you can't earn equity with a leased car.

For buyers, you'll get many pros and cons also, including:

  • Buying lets you own a car once you've paid off the loan, which usually takes a few years longer than a lease will last.
  • With buying, you'll need a down payment, often totaling in the thousands, but that amount goes towards the value of your vehicle.
  • At the end of the loan, you'll have equity in your vehicle, but your brand-new car loses value the moment it drives off the lot, which results in a lower trade-in offer.
  • Buying can mean you're free to customize your new or used car and travel anywhere, but your payments may be higher.

How to Return a Lease & Get a New Lease

The excitement of applying for Honda financing in Amherst is something every driver should experience. Choosing to lease is the first step towards bringing home that perfect new Honda Civic or Accord. To do so, you just need to tell our team and have a qualifying credit score. You'll sign paperwork stating your lease terms, including its length and any fees you may be charged if you go over mileage, etc.

To return your leased vehicle, you can bring it to our dealership and hand us the keys. We'll do our assessment and let you know if there's any reason why you may be charged fees. You can contact us with questions today.